... tolle musik scheibchenweise!

eintrag vom 05.05.2024
hier findet sich die musik die ich immer noch, immer wieder oder seit neuestem höre ... ohne anspruch auf vollständigkeit ... verliehenes oder verschwundenes wartet noch drauf erfasst zu werden ... zwischendurch gönn ich mir auch mal downloadware (die hier nich auftaucht) ... nach und nach wird's sich füllen ... momentan sind's aber immerhin schon 678(!) stück ...

abysmal - the pillorian age

the alan parsons project - eve

the alarm - raw

damon albarn - dr dee
damon albarn - everyday robots

alien stadium - livin' in elizabethan times

marc almond - mother fist
marc almond - treasure box

alt-j - relaxer
alt-j - an awesome wave
alt-j - the dream

and also the trees - green is the sea
and also the trees - the klaxon
and also the trees - virus meadow

and one - virgin superstar

apoptygma berzerk - seven
apoptygma berzerk - soli deo gloria
apoptygma berzerk - the apocalyptic manifesto
apoptygma berzerk - nein danke

*asian dub foundation - enemy of the enemy

astidir - astidir
astidir - hvel
astidir - nivalis

autumn - the hating tree

avec - homesick

bad religion - against the grain
bad religion - age of unreason

bastille - bad blood
bastille - dreams of the past
bastille - give me the future

bauhaus - gotham
bauhaus - bela lugosi's dead
bauhaus - press the eject and give me the tape
bauhaus - burning from the inside

bay laurel - under a clouded sky

beck - morning phase

meret becker - nachtmahr

biffy clyro - opposites
biffy clyro - a celebration of endings
biffy clyro - the myth of the happily ever after

bilderbuch - die pest in piemont
bilderbuch - schickschock

blessing in disguise - morpheus
blessing in disguise - turn to stone

frank black - fast man raider man

bloc party - a weekend in the city

blur - 13
blur - the magic whip

philip boa and the voodoo club - aristocrate
philip boa and the voodoo club - helios
philip boa and the voodoo club - live! exile on valletta street

bobo in white wooden houses -
bobo in white wooden houses - cosmic ceiling
bobo in white wooden houses - passing stranger

body bill - next time
body bill - tip toe

bonobo - the north borders

david bowie - the singles collection
david bowie - earthling
david bowie - hours
david bowie - reality
david bowie - heathen
david bowie - the next day
david bowie - blackstar

billy bragg - don't try this at home

bush - the science of things
bush - razorblade suitcase
bush - the kingdom
bush - the art of survival

david byrne - uh oh
david & st.vincent byrne - love this giant

candlemass - tales of creation

car seat headrest - making a door less open

the cassandra complex - beyond the wall of sleep

the caves - drifting in visions
the caves - sue

five songs with the caves - volume 1 (gleicher name, andere band!)

nick cave & the bad seeds - your funeral
nick cave & the bad seeds - push the sky away

anne clark - hopeless cases
anne clark - joined up writing
anne clark - the sitting room
anne clark - unstill live
anne clark - r.s.v.p.

the clash - sandinista
the clash - live usa

the church - gold afternoon fix
the church - heyday

children on stun - echoes

clueso - so sehr dabei

crimes of passion - rites of burial

the crownhate ruin - until the eagle grins

the cult - beyond good and evil
the cult - ceremony
the cult - for rockers ravers lovers and sinners
the cult - choice of weapon

the cure - seventeen seconds
the cure - faith
the cure - japanese whispers
the cure - concert - the cure live
the cure - the head on the door
the cure - kiss me kiss me kiss me
the cure - disintegration
the cure - wish
the cure - show
the cure - wild mood swings
the cure - gallore
the cure - bloodflowers
the cure - greatest hits + bonus
the cure - "the cure"
the cure - the only one
the cure - hypnogogic
the cure - join the dots

danzig -
danzig - how the gods play

dead can dance - a passage in time
dead can dance - anastasis

the dead weather - horehound

daughter - if you leave

deine lakaien - 2nd star
deine lakaien - debut

dexy's midnight runners - too rye ay

delay - keep in mind
delay - underdog
delay - winter paranoia

depeche mode - black celebration
depeche mode - houston night volume II
depeche mode - sounds of the universe
depeche mode - delta machine

desert mountain tribe - either that or the moon
desert mountain tribe - om parvat mistery

de/vision - unversed in love

diesel christ - diesel mode

diiv - oshin
diiv - is the is are

dinosaur jr. - where you been

the dirty knobs - wreckless abandon

doctor flake - acchordance

dreadful shadows - burning the shrouds
dreadful shadows - estrangement
dreadful shadows - burried again
dreadful shadows - beyond the maze
dreadful shadows - beyond the maze + bonus
dreadful shadows - the cycle

dredg - catch withauot arms
dredg - el cielo

dronning maud land - aphorism
dronning maud land - maelstrom

editors - an end has a start
editors - in this light and on this evening
editors - the weight of your love
editors - in dream
editors - violence
editors - ebm

billie eilish - don't smile at me
billie eilish - when we all fall asleep - where do we go?
billie eilish - happier than ever
billie eilish - hit me hard and soft

elbow - build a rocket boys
elbow - dead in the boot
elbow - the take off and landing of everything
elbow - the seldom seen kid
elbow - giants of all sizes

brian eno & david byrne - my life in the bush of ghosts

engelsstaub - unholy

the escape - every tear dries
the escape - faith and decay

escape with romeo - blast of silence

the essence - a monument of trust

the eternal afflict - agony
the eternal afflict - trauma rouge

fad gadget - the best of

faith no more - angel dust
faith no more - king for a day fool for a lifetime
faith no more - t.v.b.d.u.g.h.c.
faith no more - who cares a lot
faith no more - sol invictus

farin urlaub racing team - faszination weltraum

feeder - tallulah

f f s - f f s

fields of the nephilim - earth inferno
fields of the nephilim - revelations
fields of the nephilim - dawnrazor
fields of the nephilim - the nephilim
fields of the nephilim - elyzium
fields of the nephilim - from gehenna to here

filia irata - tilten und pier
filia irata - von wegen

foo fighters - wasting light
foo fighters - but here we are

peter fox - stadtaffe

frightened rabbit - pedestrian verse

funker vogt - maschine zeit

furslide - adventure

fury in the slaughterhouse - fits
fury in the slaughterhouse - hooka hey
fury in the slaughterhouse - pure live!
fury in the slaughterhouse - trapped today trapped tomorrow

peter gabriel - peter gabriel
peter gabriel - peter gabriel 3
peter gabriel - passion
peter gabriel - rated pg
peter gabriel - i/o

garbage - garbage 2.0
garbage - beautiful garbage
garbage - not your kind of people
garbage - strange little birds
garbage - no gods no masters

the garden of delight - paradise

the gathering - nighttime birds

genesis - nursery cryme

giant rooks - how have you been?

girls under glass - christus
girls under glass - cristals and stones
girls under glass - down in the park
girls under glass - exitus
girls under glass - firewalker
girls under glass - flowers

goldfrapp - felt mountain
goldfrapp - head first

the good, the bad & the queen - the good, the bad & the queen
the good, the bad & the queen - merry land

martin gore - mg

gorillaz - demon days
gorillaz - d sides
gorillaz - g sides
gorillaz - plastic beach
gorillaz - humanz
gorillaz - the now now

gothic sex - moonrise

gotye - like drawing blood
gotye - making mirrors

ellie goulding - bright lights
ellie goulding - brightest blue

guano apes - proud like a god

gram rabbit - music to start a cult to

grandaddy - sumday
grandaddy - the broken down comforter collection

rainald grebe - 1968
rainald grebe - das hongkongkonzert
rainald grebe - das abschiedskonzert

greenday - saviors

paul hartmoll - 8:58

heroes del silencio - el mar cesa
heroes del silencio - senderos de traicion

high above l.a. - e-music
high above l.a. - high

mark hollis -

judith holofernes - ein leichtes schwert

the hooters - best of ...

the house of love - (1988)
the house of love - (1990)

the house of usher - angst
the house of usher - cosmogenesis
the house of usher - earthbound
the house of usher - radio cornwall
the house of usher - zephyre

i blame coco - the constant

iggy pop - brick by brick
iggy pop - every loser

ikon - this quiet earth
ikon - destroing the world to save it
ikon - flowers for the gathering
ikon - a moment in time
ikon - dawn of the ikonoclast
ikon - on the edge of forever
ikon - in the shadow of the angel

ilgen-nur - power nap

imagine dragons - night visions
imagine dragons - evolve
imagine dragons - mercury-act 1

inscape - nachtmeer

interpol - marauder

invisible limits - a consious state
invisible limits - familar
invisible limits - violence

in the nursery - electric edwardians
in the nursery - an ambush of ghosts
in the nursery - anatomy of a poet
in the nursery - anatomy of a poet (2021)
in the nursery - l ésprit
in the nursery - stormhorse

the invicible spirit - push!

iris - blacklight

the jesus and mary chain - automatic
the jesus and mary chain - honey's dead
the jesus and mary chain - 21 singles
the jesus and mary chain - damage and joy

jonsi - obsidian
jonsi - go
jonsi & alex - riceboy sleeps

joy devision - closer
joy devision - permanent

jupiter jones - jupiter jones

kaleo - way down we go

katzenjammer - le pop
katzenjammer - a kiss before you go
katzenjammer - rockland

keane - hopes and fears

nik kershaw - the best of
nik kershaw - 15 minutes
nik kershaw - to be frank
nik kershaw - you've got to love
nik kershaw - ei8ht

killing joke - laugh? i nearly bought one
killing joke - pandemonium

king hannah - tell me your mind and i'll tell you mine
king hannah - i'm not sorry, i was just being me

kite - kite V
kite - kite VI
kite - at the royal opera

knorkator - weihnachtsschimpfe

lambchop - is a woman

the last dinner party - prelude to ecstasy

the last shadow puppets - the age of understatement

the lightning seeds - cloudcuckooland
the lightning seeds - sense
the lightning seeds - tilt

live - local 717

lorde - melodrama
lorde - solar power

lost prophets - start something

alice phoebe lou - orbit
alice phoebe lou - paper castles
alice phoebe lou - glow

love like blood - sinister dawn / ecstasy

m. walking on the water - elysian
m. walking on the water - la lousianne

madness - one step beyond

the marionettes - ave dementia
the marionettes - book of shadows

massive attack - mezzanine
massive attack - protection

maximo park - our earthly pleasures

medicine rain - native

the merciful nuns - thelema VIII

merge - lost heroes

the merry thoughts - millenium done I
the merry thoughts - psychocult
the merry thoughts - second generation

the mission - aura
the mission - blue
the mission - carved in sand
the mission - children
the mission - gods own medicine
the mission - grains of sand
the mission - keep it in the family
the mission - masque
the mission - neverland
the mission - resurrection
the mission - the first chapter
the mission - the brightest light

modern english - after the snow
modern english - mesh & lace

modern slaves - 2nd life e.p. (danke jens+patric)

mono - requiem for hell

alanis morisette - such pretty forks in the road

morrissey - world peace is none of your business

motorpsycho - walking with j

peter murphy - holy smoke
peter murphy - love hysteria

muse - absolution
muse - black holes and revelations
muse - the resistance
muse - the 2nd law
muse - drones
muse - simulation theory
muse - will of the people

the naked and famous - passive me - aggressive you

kate nash - made of bricks
kate nash - my friend is you
kate nash - girl talk

necrophilistic anodyne - drown ... into this day

nefilim - zoon

new model army - raw melody men
new model army - thunder and consulation
new model army - small town england
new model army - b-sides and abandoned tracks
new model army - radio sessions '83-'84
new model army - new model army
new model army - history - the singles
new model army - between dog and wolf
new model army - between wine and blood
new model army - unbroken

new order - get ready
new order - music: complete
new order - education entertainment recreation

nine inch nails - bad witch
nine inch nails - not the actual events
nine inch nails - add violence
nine inch nails - with teeth
nine inch nails - year zero
nine inch nails - hesitation marks
nine inch nails - the downward spiral

nirvana - nevermind

no more - 7 years - a compilation

the northern lite - unisex

nosferatu - legend
nosferatu - lord of the flies
nosferatu - prince of darkness
nosferatu - rise
nosferatu - the prophecy

the notwist - the devil, you + me
the notwist - shrink
the notwist - close to the glass
the notwist - vertigo

gary numan - exile

o'o - touche

olafur arnalds - found songs
olafur arnalds - re:member

the offspring - days go by

ossler - hotel neanderthal

ozric tentacles - waterfall cities

paradise lost - believe in nothing

passion play - stress fractures

pearl jam - lightning bolt
pearl jam - gigaton

(???) tom petty - wildflowers

pink turns blue - aerdt
pink turns blue - meta
pink turns blue - perfect sex

the pipettes - we are the pipettes

pixies - trompe le monde
pixies - here comes your man

pj harvey - the peel sessions

placebo - black market music (promo)
??? placebo - black market music
placebo - sleeping with ghosts
placebo - battle for the sun
placebo - loud like love
placebo - never let me go

the pogues - the rest of the best

porcupine tree - lightbulb sun
porcupine tree - in absentia
porcupine tree - deadwing
porcupine tree - fear of a blank planet
porcupine tree - anesthetize
porcupine tree - closure/continuation
porcupine tree - voyage 34

porno for pyros - good god's urge

portishead - dummy
portishead - third

the prodigy - invaders must die
the prodigy - the day is my enemy

project pitchfork - carrion
project pitchfork - entities
project pitchfork - io
project pitchfork - souls
project pitchfork - lam bras

propaganda - 1234

psyche - mystory hotel

public image ltd - flowers of romance
public image ltd - live in tokyo

queen - greatest hits II

queens of the stone age - like clockwork

radiohead - a moon shaped pool

ramones - anthology

recoil - bloodline

reptyle - monochrome

r.e.m. - shiny happy people

the rose of avalanche - anthology

rosetta stone - an eye for the mainchance
rosetta stone - epitome e.p.
rosetta stone - foundation stones
rosetta stone - hiding in waiting
rosetta stone - nothing
rosetta stone - the tyranny of inaction
rosetta stone - seems like forever
rosetta stone - cryptology
rosetta stone - demos and rare tracks

royal blood - royal blood
royal blood - how did we get so dark
royal blood - typhoons
royal blood - back to the water below

röyksopp - the understanding + bonus

rökkurró - i annan heim

rubicon - what starts ends

rush of ushers - delightfully

s.p.o.c.k. - astro girl
s.p.o.c.k. - five year mission

sankt otten - morgen wieder lustig
sankt otten - gottes synthesizer
sankt otten - messias maschine
sankt otten - engtanz depression

lennart schilgen - engelszungenbrecher
lennart schilgen - verklärungsbedarf
lennart schilgen - populärmusik

secret discovery - dark line
secret discovery - into the void
secret discovery - wasted dreams

shock therapy - hate is a 4-letter word
shock therapy - the many faces of hate

sigur rós - ()
sigur rós - agaetis byrjun
sigur rós - ba ba ti ki di do
sigur rós - circe
sigur rós - inni
sigur rós - kveikur
sigur rós - með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
sigur rós - odins raven magic
sigur rós - saeglopur (cd & dvd)
sigur rós - takk
sigur rós - valtari
sigur rós - von
sigur rós - átta

silversun pickups - widows weeds

simon and garfunkel's - greatest hits

simple minds - empires and dance
simple minds - in the city of light
simple minds - life in a day
simple minds - sons and fascination

sin fang - summer echoes

the sisterhood - gift

the sisters of mercy - first and last and always
the sisters of mercy - floodland
the sisters of mercy - some girls wander by mistake
the sisters of mercy - vision thing
the sisters of mercy - bbc sessions ('82-'84)

skinny puppy - 12 inch anthology
skinny puppy - back & forth vol. 3 & 4

skunk anansie - post orgasmic chill
skunk anansie - black traffic
skunk anansie - wonderlustre

smashing pumpkins - machina - machines of god
smashing pumpkins - shiny and oh so bright

the smile - wall of eyes

the smiths - best vol. I
the smiths - the peel sessions

smith & burrows - only smith & burrows is good enough
smith & burrows - funny looking angels

snow patrol - final straw
snow patrol - eyes open (cd & dvd)
snow patrol - the fireside sessions

soft cell - nonstop erotic cabaret

solar fake - one 2 three
solar fake - don't push this button

soul in isolation - on stranger tides

soundgarden - bad motor finger

spiritual cramp - colours (1st edition)
spiritual cramp - colours
spiritual cramp - passion of lovers
spiritual cramp - the search
spiritual cramp - time
spiritual cramp - to say goodbye

spiritual cramp - here comes more bad news

spiritual reality - demoedition99

dave stewart and the spiritual cowboys

stone temple pilots - live and alive

stromkern - armageddon

suede - singles

swans - leaving meaning

swans of avon - trust the angels

billy talent - billy talent
billy talent - billy talent II
billy talent - billy talent III
billy talent - dead silence

talk talk - it's my life
talk talk - spirit of eden
talk talk - the party's over
talk talk - the colour of spring
talk talk - laughing stock

tears for fears - tears roll down
tears for fears - the tipping point

thala - in theory depression

them crooked vultures - them crooked vultures

therenody - as the heavens fall

they might be giants - flood

thirty seconds to mars - 30 seconds to mars
thirty seconds to mars - this is war
thirty seconds to mars - it's the end of the world but it's a beautiful day

throw that beat in the garbagecan! - cool
throw that beat in the garbagecan! - not particulary silly

yann tiersen - les retrouvailles
yann tiersen - eusa

tilt - alien and orgasm

tin machine - tin machine

the ting tings - we startet nothing

tool - lateralus
tool - sober

the tors of dartmoor - the obvious darkness

pete towneshend - the iron man
pete towneshend - white city

twice a man - fungus & sponge

two witches - phaeriemagick

transvision vamp - velveteen

u2 - achtung baby
u2 - rattle and hum
u2 - the joshua tree
u2 - under a bloody red sky
u2 - war
u2 - no line on the horizon

underworld - change the weather!

urlaub in polen - uip

vania noir - the obscure truth

violent femmes - violent femmes
violent femmes - why do birds sing?
violent femmes - hotel last resort

weezer - more believe
weezer - maladroit
weezer - green album
weezer - raditude
weezer - ok human

the weathermen - the black album according to
the weathermen - ultimate poison

the wedding present - peel sessions '92 - '95

the white stripes - under great white northern lights

steven wilson - to the bone
steven wilson - the future bites
steven wilson - the harmony codex

wintergatan - wintergatan

wir sind helden - soundso
wir sind helden - bring mich nach hause

wolfsheim - popkiller
wolfsheim - no happy view
wolfsheim - thunderheart
wolfsheim - casting shadows

woodkid - the golden age

zakk wylde - book of shadows

unter diesem "rest" is alles aus den bereichen compilation, sampler, tributes to und soundtracks zu finden ...

8:58 - collection mit robert smith
beneath the icy floe a project sampler v. 4 - sampler
bizarre festival 1987 - 1992 - sampler
cerebral music vol. 1 - sampler
darkend - sampler
flesheaters vol. 1 - sampler
flesheaters vol. 2 - sampler
flesheaters vol. 3 - sampler
german mystic sound sampler vol. V - sampler
ghosts from the darkside - sampler
going underground - sampler
goth's paradise - sampler
gothic rock 3 black on black - sampler
gothic world vol. 1 - sampler
heavenly voices vol. I - sampler
heavenly voices vol. II - sampler
heavenly voices vol. III - sampler
heavenly voices vol. V - sampler
hex files vol. 1 - sampler
hex files vol. 3 - sampler
hypnotic & hypersonic - sampler
in decay we trust vol. 1 - sampler
listen music inspired by ecki stieg's grenzwellen - sampler
the myths of avalon - sampler
orkus compilation I - sampler
pearls of passion - sampler
radio ffn powerstation - sampler
radio ffn powerstation II - sampler
six modern entertainment - sampler
sonic-xperiance - sampler
spielmanns tränen III - canti historici zillorum
stars, hide your fires - sampler
touched by the hand of goth vol. I - sampler
touched by the hand of goth vol. III - sampler
wave romantics vol. 1 - sampler
we came to dance vol. 1 - sampler
when the sun settles down vol. 1 - sampler
when the sun settles down vol. 2 - sampler
zilloscope 11/98 - sampler

das boot - soundtrack
black mirror - hang the dj - soundtrack
cinema soundtracks vol 1 - soundtrack
the crow - soundtrack
monty python sings - soundtrack
the rocky horror picture show - soundtrack
schlafes bruder - soundtrack
snatch - soundtrack
star gate - soundtrack
the simpsons songs in the key of springfield - soundtrack
when the wind blows - soundtrack

a tribute to u2 - tribute to u2 - nich soooo prall
closer to the spiral - tribute to nin
monochrome - tribute to sisters of mercy
the dark side of david bowie - tribute to david bowie

marc-uwe kling - die kängeru chroniken
marc-uwe kling - das kängeru manifest
marc-uwe kling - die kängeru apokryphen

hagen rether - liebe
hagen rether - liebe 2
hagen rether - liebe 3
hagen rether - liebe 4
hagen rether - liebe 5
hagen rether - liebe 6
hagen rether - liebe 7

hm ... ein paar cd's hab ich noch die ich aber nich so richtig einordnen kann ... oder die momentan verliehen sind ...

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